Best books to read this summer by My Authors Hub in 2023


Ever heard “I always kept two books in my pocket, one to read and one to write in”. So, to give you the best of the best, My Authors Hub, A unit of FanatiXx, has a list of books that you could carry everywhere and stack your bookshelf with. So, they have compiled a list of the top 10 reads for your March-April 2023 reads mentioned below.

If you are looking to build a healthy lifestyle, we recommend reading ‘Pranayam & Meditation’. It explains the basics of yoga philosophy, which is for everyone, as it explains simple techniques that can be followed by anyone. It aims to create awareness about these practices and their benefits in life, as written by author Charu Palta. She is a homemaker with corporate experience spanning about 20 years. She was also awarded for being a co-author of the book ‘Super Power Women’.

When it comes to matters of black magic and finding a love story that keeps you busy, we have ‘Ensnared’ by Prashant Wase. It entails a thrilling, suspenseful, and harrowing saga that revolves around Neil and Divya, a couple who seem to have the perfect life until they are struck by strange happenings that are beyond their understanding. As they try to unravel the mystery behind their fates, their family and friends also become entangled in the web of terror.

We have another unique category on the list that includes theology and genocide, written by Dr. Priya Amod Dandage. She was honoured with the Yuva Gourav Puraskar 2000 and the Sushma Swaraj Puraskar by the State BJP receiver. Her book ‘JARATKARU: An Untold Story of the First Genocide of Aryawarta’ reveals many aspects of history. When King Janmejaya vowed to kill all the Nagas from Aryawarta and began their massacre, Naga Princess Jaratkaru came forward to save her clan. This book uniquely sheds light on the life of our forgotten hero from Mahabharata.

Another book full of adventure rides involves the hunt for something hidden for centuries, which requires perseverance and divine help in the book ‘Hunter’, written by Jasveer Singh Dangi. Find out if the Hunter will give in to the whims of a power-hungry king and put mankind at risk. Hunter Genesis Book 1 is a never-ending rollercoaster with action waiting at every turn. Author is a skilled manager who focuses on people development and is unorthodox, resourceful, and passionate.

In the poetry category, we have ‘Second Wind’ by author Preeti Bhargava, who is an amazing artist, poet, and creative designer. Her book takes you through embracing your emotions. The creative imagery and abstract theme are languages that give meaning and communicate ideas, feelings, experiences, and observations of human life and the universe around us. So, if you are looking to find something unique yet relatable, this book will guide you through the best.

Similarly, we have ‘Love Soulful Bites’ by author, Amravathi Udaigiri. She has also published her first book, the “Unquenchable Desires”, a fantasy fiction and romance poetry book. Her poetry book is about mundane moments of romance, erotica, loss, and self-love. The slow buildup of poetic romance theme can sweep your mind off your sleep!

Setting apart the tone, when we talk about leadership qualities, we have a visionary CEO Dax P Bamania, author of ‘Productivity Promoter’, it is an amalgamation of the author’s personal experiences and observation crafted together to inspire, and motivate the upcoming generation with his self-help approach. It helps you achieve goals with strategies, methods, frameworks and examples. If you are looking forward to enhancing your productivity, this book is the right decision as it focuses on purpose of giving for society to promote productivity.

The book ‘Panthers Ghosts’ was authored by Ajit Aravindaksha Menon, who has been featured as one of the top 12 inspiring writers of 2023. His book launch was done by none other than Dr. CV Ananda Bose, the Governor of West Bengal. Inspired by real incidents, his first book of the six-part series The Panthers Ghosts – The Beginning is a fast-paced thriller that takes the reader across multiple countries and finally hurtles to a heart-stop finish in India. The book has been featured in the top 15 must-read books of 2023. If you are set to read a hidden thriller gem, then this book will amaze you!

Humor is his middle name of Bajrang Sultania, who is a best-selling author, financial analyst, and a movie buff. He wrote ‘Was She Mine’, if you are figuring out your life amidst of career crisis, this book deserves all the rights to be read!

Last but not least on our top 10 March-April reads for 2023, we have the world’s largest anthology, named STARDUST. It celebrates thoughts coming from different walks and emotions of life. So, if you are looking to find emotions, and learn from experience, this book might be your new best friend.

So, to conclude the list, My Authors Hub, a unit of FanatiXx has covered all the genres, ranging from thriller to theology. Whether you are a beginner or a voracious reader, we have got you covered with the aforementioned books. Team My Authors’ Hub highly appreciates these authors’ commendable work. 

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