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Avaiz Tazim Ahmad – A Young Philanthropist & Humanitarian

Avaiz Tazim Ahmad – Visionary follow the footsteps of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar & Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Mumbai [Maharashtra]: Mr. Avaiz Tazim Ahmad is the son of Tazim Ahmad, Secretary of Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh and Grandson of Freedom Fighter Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Ansari who was an outspoken supporter of the “Khilafat Movement” in 1928, during the Indian Independence Movement.

Mr. Avaiz Tazim Ahmad is an Entrepreneur. He is also an Independent Scholar & Research Associate in humanitarian values and practice. Currently, he spearhead as the Chairman & Trustee of “The Human Diary Foundation” and Founder & President of “Lion Group of India”, which is dedicated for the welfare of society, especially on the fields of healthcare and education.

“The Lion Group of India” is a non-profit organization, dedicated its service on Social Research & Development, Social Justice, Social Reform and Social Equality.  Having its main office in Mumbai and spreading wings across India through a free membership drive to bring the young and dynamic people to dedicate their time for making a better India. Established in 2019 “The Lion Group of India is founded by Mr. Avaiz Ahmad, a young leader and philanthropist along with some of his close friends, to help bring positive changes in the areas of health, education, environment, cleanliness and Social welfare. In addition, the foundation provides relief to abused, abandoned and neglected children by promoting and supporting various childcare and protection programs.

“The Lion Group of India” carved out of the philosophies of two great Indian scholars, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, founder of our constitution, whose vision of equality among all humanity and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President, a true Patriot of Modern India, that to enforce the collective efforts for the social development to improve the living standard of the poor and unprivileged.  And, to achieve the same, we strive to improve the performance in a wide range of social services and programs including Child Welfare, Health and Wellbeing of the Society, Child Education, and Youth Development.

To work towards our goals of bring positive changes and change in lives of the needy, “The Lion Group of India” have affiliated to “The Human Dairy Foundation”, a leading NGOs that is involved in different programs on this field. “The Human Diary Foundation” works for everyone & everywhere – by Preventing Conflict, Protecting Refugees, Feeding the Hungry, Vaccinating Children, Empowering Women, Addressing the Climate Crisis, Responding to Humanitarian Crises with a focus on the Elimination of drug and alcohol abuse and its resulting Criminality & so much more.

“The Lion Group of India” – A Vision of Avaiz Tazim Ahmed

“The Lions Group of India” is born out of the humanitarian intent and vision of Mr. Avaiz Ahmed along with some of his close friends and associate to create a better and socially sustainable society.  “The Lion Group of India”, we wish to create a society that supports and encourages Self-empowerment, Diversity, Unity, and Sustainable Development.  A community, that has equal rights for all humans to live and grow safely in their native environment. In addition, “The Lion Group of India” wishes to see a better and brighter India where each and every person has access to basic education and healthcare as their common rights. We seek to uplift deprived sections of our society through our determined efforts.


  • To promote an organization that work on Social Causes, like Eradicate Pollution, Environmental Cleanliness, Against the Cruelty to Socially & Financially Backward class, and Girl Child Education.
  • To promote effective practices to create opportunities for each child, adult, and elder irrespective of their gender, appearance, ability, social background and financial background.
  • Ensure the rights of all women, children and adults.
  • Ensure a clean, healthy and sustainable environment for human beings.
  • Enhance the quality of life of poor people.


  • Together we can change the world for a better place to live and to bring about this change, we all need to get involved proactively in the process of development.
  • Make children, men and women of India to unite together and fight for social causes. It is important to make them aware of social issues that our society is facing.
  • Taking this immense responsibility, we strive to spread awareness about various social issues among as many people through our diverse efforts.
  • We work to encourage Young Children and Adults to make useful efforts for the betterment of our society.

Mr. Avaiz Tazim Ahmad has recently joint hands with Mr. Chandrashekhar Azad, founder of “Bhim Army” to launch a newspaper titled ‘Azad Times’, which will be published daily in Hindi and English language.

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