Reiki Grandmaster and Numerologist

Reiki Grandmaster Rajeeb Lochan Panda’s quest through life in search of spirituality has been nothing short of being a phenomenon. Going on adding feathers after feathers in his cap, jewels after jewels to his crown Grandmaster Panda is not only a Reiki Healer but also an expert numerologist, a clairvoyant, a crystal ball gazer, past life regression therapist and last but not the least, an entrepreneur. Ever since he learnt Reiki in 2012 and strove to become a Reiki Grandmaster, Shri Panda has received many national and International awards for exhibiting exceptional clairvoyance abilities and also for his distinguished work in healing the masses.

Coming serendipitously across Reiki while going through major challenges in his life, Rajeeb Lochan Panda found the key to unlock the powers of his subconscious mind. A disciple of Dr N. K Sharma and Dr Savita Sharma, the Founders of Reiki Healing Foundation, Delhi, he trained to become a Healer and developed intuitive and telepathic powers. Shri Panda comes from the direct lineage of eminent Reiki Gurus starting with Dr Mikao Usui of Japan, who discovered Reiki energy in the early 1920s and developed this healing system.

Strengthened by Reiki- the life force energy of the Universe that can be channelled into human hands, Grandmaster Panda started a mission to spread this ancient knowledge. He set up his Infinite Love Academy (ILA) in Delhi in the year 2014 to heal those in need of physical, emotional, psychic and karmic healing. He teaches Reiki to interested and driven learners aiming to become Healers. So far he has trained over 1500 students in both the offline and online mode. When the COVID-19 global pandemic struck, Shri Panda made Reiki healing energy accessible to a vast number of people through internet. He was awarded the COVID EXCELLENCE AWARD at the 5th International Traditional Medicine Summit & Awards 2022 held in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha for “outstanding achievement and distinguished services towards Covid-19 patients and for encouraging the society during the pandemic situation”. 

So far the Grandmaster has successfully healed diseases like cancer, psoriasis, kidney failure, infertility amongst many others. These patients who had been under treatment for years sought Reiki as a last resort and were miraculously healed. He has received great success healing autism spectrum disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and substance abuse. Rajeeb Lochan Panda is a proponent of this ancient healing technique whose evidence lies in the Vedic texts of our country. The grandmaster has led campaigns and Reiki awareness programs where he seeks to eradicate the fear of superstitions and blind beliefs that plague our society. Reiki is a spiritual healing system that welcomes the people of all faith and beliefs. The India Brand Icon Awardee as the “Indian Icon of the Year 2021-2022” Shri Panda encourages people from different cultures to embrace this form of natural therapy.

Rajeeb Lochan Panda is a Guru, a mentor and a life coach whose life’s goal is to dispel darkness of all forms ranging from superstition, money blockages, diseases, mental health problems to even black magic and psychic attacks. An ace occultist Grandmaster Panda can read the energy of a place or person and heal them from paranormal interferences. He teaches how to reprogram one’s subconscious mind and develop the power of intuition to make good life choices and prosper in life. He says Reiki or “sparsha chikitsha” as it was known in the olden days in India, is not an alternative therapy to the allopathic or homeopathic medicine system. According to him,“Reiki is the energy that sustains and helps life flourish in all aspects. It is when one’s life force energy Reiki or Ki is disturbed or blocked, physical and mental health complications arise.” Hence, Reiki healing is a complementary treatment to be given alongside with modern medicine. Reiki heals from within by strengthening and aligning the seven Chakras of the human body. During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Grandmaster Panda’s Reiki channels remained unaffected due to their strengthened “Ki” and energised aura field.The very few newly initiated Reiki channels who tested positive were asymptomatic. This noble work of the grandmaster and his spiritual start-up – ILA earned him the Icon of Asia (IOA) ‘Start-Up Leader of the Year’ 2022award which he received from Dr Deepak Singh, Cultural Ambassador to Seychelles, South Africa and Shreeman Prasant Mukund, Spiritual Guide and Senior Counsellor of the Iskon Temple, Dwarka at New Delhi.

Winning the Leadership Excellence Award for Best Reiki Grandmaster of the year 2022, Shri Panda is a Meta physicist who uses his skills as a Tarot Card reader and a crystal ball gazer to help people. The winner of Best Crystal Ball Gazer 2013 from Reiki Healing Foundation Trust (USA Chapter) and International Gold Star Award 2017 from the International Institute of Infinitism, USA, Grandmaster Panda makes use of the potentials of Reiki in uplifting lives at both individual and global capacity.

Reiki is a natural, non-invasive therapy based on the transfer of Universal, all-pervading life energy or the “prana urja” that brings forth all life in the universe and nourishes it. The Grandmaster uses Reiki healing energy to directly or remotely heal patients. With his motto of “Har Har Reiki, Har Ghar Reiki”, Shri Panda has been working relentlessly for over a decade to promote the Reiki way of living in which all life heals and prospers. He and his organisation Infinite Love Academy (ILA) aim to make everyone ‘live Awesome’.


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