Saregama renegotiates its deal with the tech giant META

The leading music label Saregama has successfully renegotiated its deal with the tech giant META. The content from the music label library is back on Facebook and Instagram platforms. This is further confirmed on looking up to the platforms as some of the saregama songs that could not be found earlier are now appearing on the platform.

Saregama and other Indian labels have had contentious relations with global tech platforms that are rushing to license their content for streaming services and short video platforms. Saregama is now the largest global owner of both sound recording and publishing copyrights of Indian TV and Film music. However, what’s interesting is not the company’s extensive catalogue — but the way it was able to monetize it. Since the 2000s, Saregama successfully engaged in experimental physical formats, like USB music cards. In 2017, however, Saregama followed through with the Carvaan series — digital music players that come preloaded with “5000 evergreen Hindi songs”.

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