Sofia’s new song “Bullet” makes waves

Sofia Chaudry’s new single “Bullet” was released 2 weeks ago. The music is given by Seji Dhillon and is written by Ranbir Grewal. Surprised everyone with yet another love song by this super talented singer. The bass-heavy drop is making waves in the Punjabi music industry. This unexpected sound is appealingly catchy.

She is already known for her fresh sounding music and versatile concepts, but this is the best work she has created so far. After making her debut in the Indian music industry with Bohemia, the Punjabi Rapper she claims her life has never been the same. Sofia got superb vocal melodies, she also released several other singles a few months ago “Magical Wang’’ and “Dil Janiya”. She is a true example of a sound thrilling artist doing exactly what she wants.

Watch, Sofia Chaudry’s new single “Bullet”:


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