Shreenal Badiani-Pioneer behind Baked Bouquets

About the Founder:

Unlike most of the old school brands out there, Baked Bouquets is on a mission to change the way people look at gifting. With business in her blood, Shreenal is set out to scale baked bouquets to it’s true potential. It comes as no surprise that Shreenal has done her MBA from Cardiff University & is a true definition of “Jack of all trades and Master of all too”

Her tenure in the UK not only taught our founder the importance of elegance, presentation & well thought gifts & desserts. Inspired by Travels across the globe, she put her analytical and creative skills to use which marked the beginning of the journey of Baked Bouquets.

Flying back to India she acknowledged the competitive industry she was trying to enter into & accepted that a more customized way to deal with the conventional florals, chocolates, and dry natural products would ultimately grab the eye of many, particularly the younger generation.

After a thorough examination of the industry, she was convinced that flowers and sweets are the go-to gifting products. She found a venture that would fulfil the consumer requirements aligned with the business objectives.

To their surprise, consumers loved the concept of Cupcakes in a bouquet of fresh flowers, ie Baked Bouquets.

Eventually, she introduced a line of more products – Bloom Bouquets, Fruit Bouquets, Gift Hampers and Balloon Bouquets.

Her drawn-out objective is to make the brand inseparable from the term gifting. Gifting solutions for all occasions, big or small. Thus making baked bouquets easily accessible and completely out of the box! Their digital journey has now begun and they are ready to make these gifting solutions infectious.

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