iTechGenic Partners with Microsoft Azure and G7 CR Technologies to Revolutionize Engineering Management with AI-Driven Insights

Kolkata, (West Bengal) [India]: iTechGenic, a pioneering AI-based engineering intelligence platform, has joined forces with Microsoft Azure and G7 CR Technologies- A Noventiq Company as a part of their STAB program for ISVs. This platform is a groundbreaking solution aimed at transforming how engineering leaders and managers oversee distributed teams and complex development operations.

This collaboration empowers engineering teams to gain comprehensive 360-degree insights from diverse DevOps tools, while also proactively identifying and addressing risks throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). By leveraging its proprietary AI algorithms, iTechGenic not only predicts potential issues but also equips managers with the means to take pre-emptive action before challenges arise.

A pressing concern for engineering leaders has been the lack of visibility when managing teams that utilize various tools, leading to unnoticed problems simmering across different platforms. Traditionally, managers resorted to data analysts manually collecting and analysing data from multiple tools, resulting in days of delay and outdated information. As a result, decision-making was often based on obsolete data, leading to extended cycle times and cost overruns.

iTechGenic’s visionary offering, the Virtual Scrum Master, sets out to empower organizations with a transformative solution that extracts insights from diverse platforms, enabling unparalleled operational excellence and driving remarkable business outcomes. By seamlessly integrating and analyzing project data, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, foster collaboration, and ultimately achieve strategic goals with unprecedented efficiency and precision.

By prioritizing AI models and risk identification to empower managers in anticipating and addressing potential issues, the company envisions increasing developer efficiency by a minimum of 10%, thereby leading to substantial cost savings for startups and enterprises.

iTechGenic has already established strategic partnerships with renowned companies such as TCS, Tech Mahindra, Huawei, Microsoft, and Writer Information, as their go-to-market partner, facilitating client engagement.

Aninda Mukhopadhyay, Co-founder, CTO, and COO of iTechGenic, articulated the company’s mission, stating, “Amidst the wealth of data available within DevOps tools, our aim is to help clients fortify their competitive edge by driving superior engineering outcomes. We are actively developing a robust architecture that ensures seamless scalability of our product in the long term. Our roadmap includes exciting features, and we anticipate that within the next 3 to 6 months, we will expand our presence into the global market, with a strong focus on AI models to automate the daily tasks of engineering managers and Scrum masters.”

iTechgenic’s growth is supported by leaders from Accenture MDS and Microsoft, contributing to their seed funding. They are now raising Pre-series A funding.

About iTechGenic:

iTechGenic is an AI-powered engineering intelligence platform dedicated to reshaping the way engineering leaders manage distributed teams and complex development operations. By harnessing the capabilities of AI algorithms, iTechGenic empowers organizations to gain actionable insights, mitigate risks, and enhance efficiency throughout the software development lifecycle. With a focus on predictive analytics, iTechGenic offers a transformative solution for engineering excellence.

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