How to start a diesel door delivery in your area?

Fuel Wings is an India-based startup that delivers fuel to Mines, Commercial Heavy vehicles, generators and machinery on site.

What was your last memory of refuelling that your vehicle needs? Don’t remember? Why would you? Refuelling your heavy vehicle at a gas or fuel station is one of the most insipid activities in our lives.

Apart from being a tedious activity, it can also be aggravating when we are in a hurry to go somewhere. This condition may soon change as on-demand fuel delivery firms proliferate across the globe and in India too. The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas has also envisaged the novel concept of reaching HSD to customers’ doorsteps by engaging Startups like Fuel Wings. With the help of an on-demand fuel delivery app like Fuel Wings, these firms are delivering fuel to customers’ doorsteps with just a few phone taps.

Current leaders in app-based fuel delivery

In many regions of the world, on-demand fuel delivery services are unheard of. This is because it is still a novel concept. However, only a handful of services have gotten everyone’s attention in recent years.

Booster fuels

Booster fuels is a California-based startup that delivers fuel to universities, commercial fleets, real estate owners, and campus-based companies. The company claims that they provide their services to tens of thousands of people working at more than 300 companies, including Facebook, PepsiCo, Cisco, eBay, and Oracle. Since its inception in 2014, Booster fuels has raised $32 million in investment funding. The startup is looking to expand to new markets by injecting more capital.

Zebra Fuel

Zebra Fuel is a London-based fuel delivery service provider which was founded in 2016. After seeing the success of on-demand fuel delivery apps like Booster Fuel, Gas Ninja, and Yoshi. Reda Bennis decided to replicate the success of a fuel management software in the UK. In 2017, the company had reportedly raised $2.5 million from investors like the co-founder of Zoopla in the seed funding.


Filld is a mobile-based petrol on-demand startup that was launched in 2015 in the D.C. and Bay Area. Now it offers its commercial services in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Canada, and Bay Area with partners like Volvo, BMW, Sixt, and Dailmer car2go. Unlike Booster and other fuel providers, the company keeps away from the busy traffic and delivers fuel only at night.

Fuel Wings – Indian Company 

Fuel Wings is a Gurgaon-based startup that delivers fuel to Mines, Commercial Heavy Vehicle, generators, Malls, Schools, Hospitals and machinery on site.

Fuel Wings India Private Limited was founded by Aryan Chaudhary and Abhinandan Singh. Today, anything can be home delivered at home. After this global pandemic, the business boosted —food, groceries, large appliances, furniture, and fuel. Fuel Wings, an app-based diesel doorstep delivery Fuel Ent, has been servicing the mining industry, housing societies, hotels, hospitals, malls, construction sites, industries, banquets, and other bulk diesel buyers since 2020. Speaking to Aryan Chaudhary, the Founder of Fuel Wings, we understand more.

Aryan said, “I often used to accompany my father when he visit his petrol pump and various other pumps in and around Delhi. It was a frequent observation that tractors or small loading vehicles would come in with barrels, fill them with diesel and ride away. I felt that the risk and effort they took to load, unload and transport diesel was not the fitting process. And when our pump business was effected due to lockdown and farmers’ agitation, this prompted me to dive deeper into fuel supply logistics,” he continued. Due to such a rudimentary technique of fuel transportation, I identified a considerable client base that faced difficulties of pilferage, safety, and quantity.

Co-founder Abhinandan added, “Obviously, transporting and delivering combustible liquid to people’s homes necessitates approval. The Indian government has revised the Petroleum Regulations to allow diesel delivery to customers’ homes for stationary equipment and heavy machinery. We are registered with Ministry via DPIIT, Oil Marketing Company, and our Mobile bowsers are PESO, and L & M approved. Fuel wings currently have permission to deliver diesel to static equipment or heavy machinery such as cranes, JCBs, mining vehicles, and other large vehicles that cannot be driven to a fuel pump for a quick refill.

“In the long run, we want to integrate more automation and technology to improve our skills even further.” To develop a solid pan-India footprint, we’re beefing up our engineering services, adding additional people, and establishing regional service centres,” Shabir Momin said.

How do you get started with on-demand fuel delivery in your area?

We are expanding to various states subsequently, and if anyone is interested in starting the service in their area, they can learn more at our website

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