Bollywood Actress Sonal Chauhan launches Fitness Center with huge space in Katargam, ​​Surat

Surat, Gujarat: Actress Sonal Chauhan, who played her role in Jannat Movie, was the special guest on the auspicious occasion of the inauguration of Shappers Fitness Club.

Surat’s paparazzi Alnawaz Abjani was honored by Sonal Chauhan. Alnawaz has been winning the hearts of celebrities for a long time by spotting them and getting media coverage.

Alnawaz Abjani has spotted 300+ celebrities in the city of Surat and has got compliments from actress Prachi Desai, Daisy Shah and other Gujarati Actress also.

He has received the Best paparazzi award in 2018 held in Surat. His family is his biggest strength and get full support from them. Surat city has given a lot of love and support to him. Coming from normal family background wanted to do something different from the beginning in the field of media.

He has won Trust from the people. His dedication to the field of media has taken a new height.

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