Best selling author Sathya Sam releases his new book, ‘The Deception Moment’

Sathya Sam, the author of a successful book titled ‘Gauri..!!’ is a professor by profession. His recently released book ‘The Deception Moment’ is a fast-paced, seat edge thriller intensified by a larger-than-life protagonist, Devavrat Deshpande, an officer of RAW, India. A crime investigation eventually leads the protagonist to an even bigger conspiracy. While working on a government-supported secret mission, a single flaw would lead Devavrat to his execution.

Encounters with bizarre experiences such as Human farming, DNA Manipulation, and unexpected surprises coupled with a personal trauma and a battle of the mind and heart, will Devavrat accomplish the mission successfully? Did his personal depression get the better of him? Read on to find these answers and more.

The author, Sathya Sam, is a skit writer, a stage show artist, a mimicry artist, a cricket player, and a part-time singer during his college days. He loves driving and seizes every opportunity to get behind the wheels for a long drive. He is also fond of animals and forest camping.With a doctorate in management, his expertise lies in digital marketing. He is a regular blogger and runs an exclusive site to express his ideologies to the world ( He is a motivational speaker who has lectured at several institutions, inspiring youngsters with his realistic articulation. He has guided many of his students, in shaping their careers.

Sathya Sam is an avid reader, who likes brain-twister stories especially. He strongly believes that if a story and characters do not occupy space in the readers’ minds when they wake up the next day, the author hasn’t done justice to the piece of writing.

The main attraction of his recently released book, “The Deception Moment” is that, the author has used all the names from the epic Mahabharata. Though there is no connection between the story and the epic, some shades of their characteristics could remind you the legendary characters of Mahabharata.

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