Veydaanta Business School: Quality Learning now has a Destination

Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra): Veydaanta Business School (VBS) is soon coming to Mumbai to establish its mark in the business world. With Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM)/Master of Business Administration (MBA), Veydaanta Business School is looking forward to providing extensive and secure learning to the students who dream to become an entrepreneur by building a business of their own or serving their skills to a multinational organization and making it big.

A Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) or MBA is a program that emphasises leadership development and business fundamentals. PGPM/MBA provide significantly more for the vast majority of students: a larger professional network, greater career chances, and a higher salary. Most of these advantages become apparent sooner than others. Accepted students in highly ranked schools have virtually instant access to seasoned faculty who can assist them in making connections, and they can expect a considerable pay increase after the program. Now, most of you would know or have heard this once in your lifetime and all of you would know something about it. It is almost revealed in its name. It’s about Learning Business and Mastering it, and obviously earning lots. But Veydaanta Business School looks at PGPM/MBA from a different perspective.

Veydaanta Business School believes in learning and growing along with a professional network. And so we would make sure that our students are associated with top brands and companies with whom they can learn and practice from the best. The insights and contacts you can get from professionals in an PGPM / MBA cohort are crucial in today’s increasingly globalised corporate climate. So Veydaanta Business School also makes sure to inherit international perspective associations.

Veydaanta Business School

Apart from that, the skills on which Veydaanta Business School focuses are:

  • Teamwork
  • Business Communication
  • Connectivity in Organization
  • IQ Level
  • Planning and Execution
  • Creativity
  • Boosting Inherit Skills

Talking about some important career aspects, an PGPM / MBA can improve your professional marketability and raise the quality and quantity of work prospects available to you. Full-time 100% placement assurance will be provided to the aspirants.

The way lectures and independent study are mixed with case studies and examples rooted in the real corporate world are one of the most appealing aspects of our well-designed PGPM / MBA program. Faculty members with business connections and experience industry experts can provide insights into how similar situations have played out in the past, allowing you and your classmates to build realistic solutions to real-world problems.

In Veydaanta Business School, as an PGPM / MBA student, you will also do practical and relevant activities to help you polish these hard abilities that employers seek: Sales, Project Management, Analytics, Corporate Finance, Derivatives, People Management, Digital Marketing.

Lastly, this program will help you gain credibility in your career and further development. Earning an PGPM / MBA demonstrates to companies that you have a thorough understanding of the business world. It demonstrates that you are aware of the issues that modern organisational leaders face and that you are capable of mitigating risks by making the best business decisions. With professional credibility comes confidence. You are aware of the skills that companies need and may sell yourself accordingly.

Veydaanta Business School missionizes to transform futures and leave a world impact in the field of Business Education, Practice, and Execution. Join us and become a part of this future.

Veydaanta Business School, Launching Soon at Belapur, Navi Mumbai!

For more details reach us at: or [email protected]

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