Tiger Cubs Preschool: Expands Reach to Nurture Young Minds

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], February 02, 2024: Tiger Cubs Preschool, a trusted name in early childhood education in Pune with a  commitment to nurturing young minds, is expanding with a plan to open 15 new schools in the next couple of years. Founded in 2004 to provide a stress-free and stimulating environment for children aged three months to six years, Tiger Cubs has carved a unique niche in the preschool landscape.

Tiger Cubs promotes understanding and provokes curiosity more than memorisation by rote mechanism. The curriculum of this preschool revolves around the “Four C’s” – Confidence, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication – through an exciting blend of academics and practical activities. This approach caters to a child’s multiple intelligences, from linguistic to kinesthetic, ensuring holistic development.

At Tiger Cubs Preschool, the traditional learning methods are combined with modern technology viz Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), making it a unique experience for the children.

Early Years, Big Impact

Tiger Cubs focuses on the children’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development, ensuring well-rounded growth. Whether mastering language and math, refining motor skills, or learning to navigate emotions, Tiger Cubs Preschool provides a nurturing space for each child to blossom.

  • Cognitive Development: Tiger Cubs fosters children’s thinking skills through age-appropriate activities that encourage attention, memory, and problem-solving. Teaching is primarily based on Enquiry Based Learning.
  • Physical Development: Children engage in fun and sports activities that promote healthy growth and movement, strengthening gross and fine motor skills.
  • Organised & Applied Knowledge: The preschool ensures children gain essential life skills like organisation and task management through play and educational activities.
  • Social & Emotional Growth: The exercises include group interactions that help children learn from their peers and incorporate positive interactions and activities to enhance social awareness, empathy and emotional regulation in young minds.
  • Language & Communication: Tigercubs promotes practical communication skills through diverse forms of expression, including spoken and written language. Drama is an integral part of the curriculum.
  • Top-notch Infrastructure: A safe, secure, and stimulating environment with CCTV monitoring and modern facilities optimises learning and provides parents peace of mind.

Caring Hands, Dedicated Minds

Tiger Cubs Preschool boasts a passionate team of educators and support staff who believe in the transformative power of early education. Each teacher is an expert in their field, bringing creativity, warmth, and personalised attention to every child. Their dedication creates a cosy, home-like atmosphere where children feel safe and loved.

Tiger Cubs strives to be recognised as a nationally acclaimed early childhood program, building solid foundations for lifelong learning. The preschool’s mission is to provide an all-round education that respects each child’s individuality and enriches their learning journey through a collaborative effort between parents and teachers.

About the Director

Reshma Zamindar, the Founder and Director of Tiger Cubs Preschool, brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role. She endeavours to give a stress-free and fun-filled environment to a child right from the age of 3 months and onwards. 

With a solid academic background and extensive training in early childhood education, she is deeply invested in fostering an atmosphere that allows children to grow and thrive. Her commitment to continuous learning and development extends to empowering parents and teachers through several parenting workshops based on NLP-K, book reading sessions for parents and counselling sessions.

The school’s ambitious expansion plans reflect dedication to reaching more families and making quality early education accessible to every child in Pune. Already prominently present at Wakad, Baner, Pashan, and other locations in Pune and with 15 new schools set to open soon, Tiger Cubs Preschool will continue to roar with joy, laughter, and the boundless potential of young minds.

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