Surat’s well known AlliA Fabrics joins the “Boycott China” mission, cancels orders worth INR 2 crores

Will now import premium fancy fabrics from Taiwan and Korea for its parties.

Surat (Gujarat)  [India] With the spread of pandemic from China, the World has started going against China and its products. After 20 Indian army men were killed by Chinese in the Galwan Valley clash, Indians are furious and have openly stood against buying Chinese Products and the “boycott China” buzz is being picked up speedily across the country.  The Businessmen too have joined the league and are ending their business relationships from China. One such, AlliA Fabrics of Surat has made up plans to end their relationship with Chinese companies.

Order worth INR 2 crores given to Chinese company cancelled

Purushottam Jhunjhunwala (Chhotu Bhai) and Rajat Dawer of AlliA Fabrics said, “The Boycott China mission is very apt as for us, our Nation comes before everything. After the Chinese troops killed our 20 army men, people of our country are now demanding to boycott Chinese products and we too want to give our contribution in the same. Hence, we have cancelled our order of premium fancy fabrics worth INR 2 crores given to the Chinese company.” The company’s yearly transaction with the Chinese company is around 50 crores.

Will now move towards Taiwan and Korea.

Purushottam Jhunjhunwala added, “the decision to boycott China has not been an easy one for us. The main reason being, the fabrics which we import from China, are not being made in our country and we have a well-developed network of parties (customers) for those fabrics, across India. So, suddenly stopping the import from China would create problems for our parties. As a responsible business it is our duty to fulfill the requirements of our parties and hence we looked for an alternative of China and found the options of South Korea and Taiwan. The fabrics from these countries will be expensive to import as the quality is above par as compared to Chinese Fabric, as well as a wide range will now be made available. So our parties will now have to pay a bit more.

Premium Quality Fancy Fabrics – AlliA’s Distinguished Identity.

Rajat Dawar said, “The fabric that they import is used in making premium garments such as Lehenga, Sarees, Kurtis, Gowns for Women and Children. The Bollywood actors and actresses who use premium fashion wear, is also given by AlliA Fabrics.” He added “as people started getting agitated towards China and its products, we started receiving calls from our parties and customers to search for an alternative of the Chinese Fabrics and getting inspired from them, we took this step and we feel satisfied being a part of ‘Boycott China movement.”

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