Successful Indonesian Content Creator and Comedian turned ace Entrepreneur Irfan Ghafur

Entrepreneur Irfan Ghafur is an outstanding comedian and a very down to earth and humble person. One of his vines got viral recently which brought lots of limelight on him.

A video titled “When Lagi Is Males Helping People” which fetched 50 million views and 2 million likes on his TikTok account made him one of the most famous content creators in Indonesia. From early childhood he was interested in comedy and subsequently started uploading his funny videos online. After his vine got viral, his exceptionally good content also got viewers and was praised a lot by the netizens. This got him the fame he actually deserved. Currently, Irfan Ghafur’s followers on Instagram reach 425k followers, TikTok 1.5M followers, Twitter 51k followers and has 615k subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is the only Kurdish who has more that 100 million views on not only one but many of his videos on his YouTube channel. This success wasn’t overnight and a lot of hard work and passion went into it.

Ace comedy content creator from Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, entrepreneur Irfan Ghafur also known as Irfan Abdul Gafur is the eldest child of his family and was born on November 20, 1999. He started making comedy content on the Internet in 2015 when he was in grade 2 of high school, he kept on hustling until he managed to become the center of attention of netizens in cyberspace. At first he went viral because of a sarcastic video against indie children in Indonesia. Along with funny videos, his funny poetry also managed to get him a lot of followers very quickly even from other countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Entrepreneur Irfan Ghafur, who is still presently studying at the Faculty of Law, Mulawarman University is also known for his videos about Kalimantan. As a resident of Kalimantan, Irfan often shares videos about its culture. This is the reason it becomes an attraction for netizens on the Internet who want to know what is happening in Kalimantan. Entrepreneur Irfan Ghafur introduced the culture of the Kalimantan region with the help of humour so that it gets a good response. Actually, he has been very successful with his attempt and with millions of reach his Content is able to get thousands of likes and comments.

He has more than 425k followers on his Instagram where he often shares comedy videos that relate to life. According to him “a humorous video is very easy to digest because the audience feel represented” Entrepreneur Irfan Ghafur has a characteristic long hair called Gondrong in Indonesia. This makes him easily recognized by people and becomes a strong identity for himself.

Irfan Ghafur is also active as a filler in several private television shows in Indonesia and various seminars in Indonesia which makes Entrepreneur Irfan Ghafur’s name increasingly popular in cyberspace and the real world in Indonesia.

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