Rohit Rajput worked 14-18 hours daily, to become the only athlete to win all the Bodybuilding Titlesin the Country

Mumbai. Rohit Rajput who was born in a small city in Haryana, started his fitness journey during his school time. From his early days, he was mesmerized by physical fitness and started going to “Akhada” after seeing his cousins go there. Soon he started seeing improvements in his body and after completing his 10th standard studies, he joined a gym. By then he along with his family had moved to Delhi. He had the support of his parents from an early age, but did not have enough money to spend in the gym and its related expenses, including food, but they somehow managed it initially.

At the gym, being a newbie learner, the gym mates used to avoid him as he did not have a body like them, nor the knowledge about bodybuilding. But Rohit channelized his energy and anger into workout and within the span of 2 years, he became a star of his gym by winning the YMCA contest. All his gym mates who used to avoid him, now started taking his advice. After this, his family motivated him to make a career in bodybuilding. Soon he started winning all the competitions he took part in, including Mr. Delhi-4 times,Junior Mr. Haryana, Mr.India, Mr. North India, YMCA and GYM inter contests as well in a main federationcontest.Still, Rohit had to face financial crisis and could not pay his gym fees at one go and used to pay it in EMI’s. To come up from this, he with the help of 3-4 friends, purchased supplements in bulk and started selling them to earn more. He started giving training at the gym and worked for 14 to 18 hours there, so that he could meet ends. He kept on participating in various contest and by this time he had won all the possible titles in India. He also participated in the Sheru Classic and won the Title. During that time, he became Asia’s First and World’s 2nd winner of Sheru Classic Men’s Physique Title. He started getting many Ad offers and became the Brand Ambassador of many International and Indian Supplement Brands and also shot various Ads for various brands. During this peak time of his career, he got back injury and the doctors advised him to quit bodybuilding and heavy weight lifting. But Bodybuilding being his passion, he did not stop going to the gym and continued working out on a daily basis but stopped lifting very heavy weights. After a year of the back injury, Rohit heard of the Amateur Olympia India and decided to take part in the same, as it was a good opportunity for a comeback. The result of this was controversial and the Nation very well knows it. He again participated in the PRO Qualifier and this time won Gold in the Classic Physique Category.

He said, “Problems are a part of success. If you get demotivated or loose against these problems, you’ll never be successful. Even after my back injury, I decided to stay focused towards my passion. I worked slow during that time, but never stopped. This is how one has to follow their passion to be successful. Always believe in doing hard work”

Rohit has been one of India’smost loved bodybuilder and its Rohit’s dream is to win Mr. Olympia for Indiasomeday.

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