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Reel Heroes wear Capes, Real Heroes Wear Stethoscopes

Mumbai, Maharashtra : With all the numerous toiling, Mr. Chandresh is an aspiring doctor first and everything else is in the second category for him, as practicing in this field is his priority. It took him a lot of time to come to this extent so that he could bring a change. He always wanted to do something more powerful and this field gives him the right amount of power to do so. There’s a lot going on in the medical industry right now. He is also studying hard in the technological part of this field, to bring different techniques and technologies in the medical industry, a better way to serve the society.

He is putting his blood and sweat into this. Life doesn’t give us a window of opportunity but more or less he is gratified, he will be having such a great responsibility in his hands. There’s a lot of revolutionary change that he wants to bring in this sector. Studying about medicine gave him a lot of ideas, a concept clearing ones, that could be revolutionary he’ll be using them in the coming future. He has given his all, put his heart and soul into this field. And lastly he wants to be a doctor that could help his patients at the most extent that he can.

There’s a lot more one can do when he/she has the right vision. The better the vision the better the implementation which leads to better results. He is still growing a lot and learning more and more each day, and that’s the thing- He wouldn’t ever want to stop. It’s going to be a selfless act of giving and not everyone has this strength of giving. Mr. Albert Einstein himself said “Only a life given for others is a life worthwhile.” And this is his ultimate goal in life. He wants to be a better doctor and go miles for his patients. A comforter, healer, helper and hope for them.

Surely, “Dr.” won’t just be his prefix, but his superpower.

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