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Nutriburst Brings Portable, Delicious Gummy Vitamins to India

New Delhi, [India], May 29, 2024: Nutriburst, the Indian arm of a UK-based brand, is bringing big changes with its tasty and handy gummy vitamins and minerals. Following a great showing at the Aahar 2024 B2B event, Nutriburst has taken over the Indian market, winning people over with its creative approach to wellness.

Founded in India in January 2021, Nutriburst provides fun-to-eat, high-quality gummy vitamins. These supplements are not just delicious, but it is also:

  • Portable: No more searching for water or large prescription bottles. Nutriburst gummies are packaged in handy pillow pouches that fit neatly in a pocket or bag—perfect for people with busy schedules.
  • Fuss-Free: Nutriburst gummies are made with potent ingredients free from gelatin, gluten, and added sugar. It is vegetarian, has safety and quality certifications, and can be eaten anytime.
  • Potent and Targeted: Nutriburst gummies, packed with vital vitamins and minerals, provide biotin supplements to address specific needs like strong hair and nails. The inclusion of ayurvedic ingredients further enhances its effectiveness, ensuring wellness is in good hands.

Nutriburst is making quite a stir in the Indian market with its delicious and easy-to-carry gummy vitamins. These gummies are winning over consumers’ palates and hearts in the process, and customers are gushing about the benefits they have experienced.

  • One happy client stated, “I will highly recommend this product because I can see improvement in my hair and nail quality, and my skin has also shown signs of improvement. The packing is so thoughtfully done that it’s very easy to carry wherever I travel.”
  • Another client highlighting the superior quality stated, “I used this product for a month, and I am getting good results. These gummies’ quality is better than the other brands. Recommended for use.”
  • A third overjoyed client stated, “Having multivitamins on a daily basis was a pain because of the size of the capsules. Thanks to this jelly, I have not missed even a single dose in the last 1 week, and the best part is it’s tasty.”

Nutriburst came into the scene in February 2022 with delicious online gummies, spreading the gummy love to Delhi NCR stores by December 2023. Available online, it’s setting the sights for Mumbai next. 

Moreover, Nutriburst is introducing entertaining character gummies in June—think Trolls and Minions—knowing about the difficulty in getting children to take their vitamins. This gummy brand wants to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to take control of their well-being, regardless of lifestyle or personal preferences.

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