“Mr. Sameep Shastri, President of BRICS CCI Young Leaders, Spearheads Inspirational Youth Day Congress: ‘Unleashing the Power of Young Leaders’

New Delhi, 18th August 2023. Distinguished leader Mr. Sameep Shastri, President of BRICS CCI Young Leaders, has orchestrated an awe-inspiring event, the “Youth Day Congress: Unleashing the Power of Young Leaders,” marking a resounding testament to the transformative potential of youth in shaping a harmonious and interconnected global landscape. Held on August 16, 2023, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Shastri, the event brought together a prominent lineup of speakers and panelists, fostering diplomatic discourse and celebrating the remarkable contributions of young leaders from BRICS nations.

The event’s inaugural moments were graced by the presence of Shri Ashok Kumar Singh, Vice Chairman of BRICS CCI, who adeptly set the stage for the dynamic conversations that ensued. Mr. Singh emphasized the crucial role of youth empowerment, transcending formal education to provide platforms for self-expression, participation in decision-making, and meaningful contributions to community development.

In his compelling opening address, Mr. Sameep Shastri, President of BRICS CCI Young Leaders and Vice-Chairman of BRICS CCI, cast a spotlight on the pivotal role youth play in shaping global discourse. He stated, “Today’s young entrepreneurs are not merely dreamers; they are the architects of innovation and change. They perceive challenges as opportunities and grasp those opportunities with unwavering determination.”

Mr. Roman Babushkin, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Russia, delivered poignant remarks, underscoring Russia and India’s shared commitment to harnessing the boundless potential of their youth. He expressed, “Russia and India are dedicated to nurturing the inexhaustible potential of our youth. In the near future, with our support, the young generation will work towards the welfare of our friendly nations and all of humanity. Our aspiration is to achieve this collaboratively.”

Addressing the audience, Mr. Chen Guihua, Counselor at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, emphasized China’s alignment with emerging markets and developing countries, including India, to advance global development, security, and civilization initiatives. He spoke of building a shared future for mankind and fostering a multi-polar world through solidarity.

Eminent dignitaries, including H.E. Dr. Ali ACHOUI, Ambassador of Algeria; Mrs. Tin Tin Htwe Win, Minister Counsellor of Myanmar; Mr. Sahil Seth, Joint Commissioner of GST, Customs & Narcotics; Mr. Abhishek Gupta, ACP, North-East Delhi; alongside representatives from the Embassies of Brazil, Russia, China, Algeria, Australia, and the USA, graced the event.

Central to the congress were two illuminating panel discussions, each exploring themes vital to the rapidly evolving global landscape.

The “Fostering Cultural Intelligence in Diplomacy” panel brought together distinguished speakers, shedding light on the profound impact of cross-cultural understanding on international relations. The panel featured luminaries such as Mr. Manoj K Bharti, Former Ambassador to Indonesia, Ukraine, Belarus & Timor Leste; Mr. Wang Tong, Head of the Policy Research Section at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China; and Ms. Leticia Marranghello, Head of Culture, Education, STI, and Public Diplomacy Section at the Embassy of Brazil. Amb. Amarendra Khatua, Senior Advisor at BRICS CCI, masterfully moderated the session, fostering an energetic exchange of ideas that underscored cultural intelligence’s significance in effective diplomacy.

Mr. Wang Tong, Head of the Policy Research Section at the Embassy of China, highlighted the relevance of BRICS as a constructive force contributing to world economic growth, improved international governance, and the resolution of global challenges. He expressed confidence in the upcoming BRICS Summit in South Africa, which he believed would enhance partnership and cooperation among emerging economies and the Global South.

Reflecting on India’s G20 Presidency, Mr. Manoj K Bharti, Former Ambassador, articulated that India’s G20 Presidentship conveyed a powerful message of inclusivity, amplifying the voices of developing nations across the globe.

Ms. Leticia Marranghello, Head of Culture, Education, STI, and Public Diplomacy Section at the Embassy of Brazil, emphasized the pivotal role of cultural ties in diplomacy, highlighting the importance of building relationships beyond politics and economics.

The second panel, titled “Youth Entrepreneurship – Navigating a Borderless Economy through Sustainable Innovation,” featured young Indian entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs such as Mr. Sushil Sharma, Founder and CEO of Marwari Catalysts; Mr. Arpit Tyagi, Co-Founder of Hobit; Mr. Jitendra Sharma, Founder & CEO of HairOriginals; Ms. Ravneet Mann, Head of Strategy and Policy at Stride Ventures; Mr. Bibin Babu, Chief Growth Officer at; and Mr. Devansh Sood, Founder & CEO of Mission ELIXIR, engaged in insightful conversations moderated by Mr. Ankit Jhamb, Advisor-Steering Committee at BRICS CCI Young Leaders. These entrepreneurs shared their journeys, innovation strategies, and sustainable practices in the startup landscape.

Throughout the panel discussions, speakers shared personal experiences and interacted with attendees, fostering engaging exchanges and thought-provoking insights.

The event culminated in a powerful Valedictory Session, led by Ms. Shormishtha Ghosh, Governing Body Member at BRICS CCI, followed by a heartfelt Vote of Thanks delivered by Mr. Prann Sharma, Executive Director-Strategy; Governing Body Member at BRICS CCI.

The event was co-partnered by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and sponsored by the Brand Story, UBON, Top One Percent, Mission Elixir, Gifft Express, Rhlayco, and Fatfutur.

About Mr. Sameep Shastri:

Mr. Sameep Shastri, a visionary leader and President of BRICS CCI Young Leaders, stands as an exemplary advocate for the transformative potential of youth leadership on the global stage. With unwavering determination, he masterfully orchestrated the “Youth Day Congress: Unleashing the Power of Young Leaders,” a groundbreaking event that underscores his commitment to fostering a harmonious and interconnected world. As Vice-Chairman of BRICS CCI and President of its Young Leaders division, Mr. Shastri’s opening address encapsulated his belief that today’s youth are not just dreamers but architects of innovation and change, poised to seize opportunities with determination. His leadership serves as a beacon for aspiring young leaders worldwide, inspiring them to shape international discourse and drive meaningful change.

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