Meet Dr. Manoj Jeremiah & Dr. Shiny Hasini: A Power Couple Redefining Leadership and Empowering Women

Dr. Manoj Jeremiah and Dr. Shiny Hasini, together as a powerful couple, focuses on the establishment of a distinguished empire that provides a platform which enables each individual being a part of it, to get benefited through the field they work in and also build an inclusive society that accommodates everyone in it.

Dr. Manoj Jeremiah, a Life & Leadership Coach, Business Consultant, Brand Strategist, Public Speaker, Social Activist, Education Reformer and an exceptional Serial Entrepreneur. His gentleness reflects with the educational qualification he holds and with his best effort, he puts into action and gives back to the society in helping the budding teens, aspiring entrepreneurs and workaholics by showing the best resources to make them self – reliant and independent. 

Dr. Shiny Hasini, an Overseas Consultant, Immigration Expert, Life Skills Coach, Public Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Activist and a strong believer of Women Empowerment. She tirelessly works for empowering women, often through counselling young girls who are stuck in their lives, helping women who are struggling to build their livelihood from scratch. She is also a good relationship counsellor who works with people dealing in broken marriages. 

Apart from their personal laurels, this couple has built various businesses through their sheer business acumen skills, which provides a greater livelihood for the staff force who works in it and also yields better services to their customers. They own and run the show of the following ventures in different markets, Go Hawk Overseas Consultants Private Limited (an overseas recruitment and visa consulting firm), Vertobay Business Hub Private Limited (a business consulting and brand strategy firm), Social Kingpin (a brand developing and digital marketing firm), Shyn’s Kitchen (a kitchen that makes homely and healthy meals) and YATO – You are the One (a growth focused, psychology and NLP based framework firm for leadership training). 

Their vision is to help people lead a successful life with confidence amid disruption and pave a way to outstanding leadership imparting lateral agility with clarity, practice and purpose. 

The mission of this couple is to create and develop leaders through the process of unlearning, unlocking, reshaping and transforming them into perfect decision makers who thereby can forecast and build a self-sustaining ecosystem for the upliftment of our society. 

Integrity, inclusive society, inner transformation, women empowered ecosystem, redefining young leaders, women economy are the core values and primary focus of this couple. 

Here are the Awards and Achievements they have received as individuals and by representing their companies up to date:  

Best Industrialist & Social Service Award, was awarded by, Edhazhgal Achievers Awards 2019. Best Woman Entrepreneur, was awarded to Dr. Shiny Hasini by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Inspiring Awards 2022. 

Best Overseas Consultancy, was awarded by, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Inspiring Awards 2022. 

India’s Top 20 Fastest Growing Startups of 2022, was awarded by, Fame Finders in 2022.

Promising Performer Award, was awarded by, SITA 2022 (South Indian Talent Awards).

Best Overseas Consultancy of 2023, was awarded by, Star Icon Achievers Awards (SIA) 2023.

Best Leadership Coach of the year 2023, was awarded to Dr. Manoj Jeremiah by, Inkzoid Annual Awards 2023.

Contact Number: +91 9940579057


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