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How Kapeefit uses Online Consultations to scale access issues in ayurveda healthcare.

Health Tech Kapeefit is pioneering the digitization of India’s traditional medicinal system Ayurveda to evolve its delivery for the 21st century. Through virtual consultations, Kapeefit hopes to revive fading interest in homegrown wellness sciences and drive preference back to natural healing. 

Founder Nishant Agarwal explains, “Limitations like access to authentic practitioners or lack of personalized therapy have constrained Ayurveda’s adoption despite superior safety. We felt technology could bridge this gap if applied sensibly without compromising on core values.”

Thus emerged Kapeefit in 2020 – India’s first online Ayurveda clinic offering customized treatment programs for modern-day needs like diabetes, PCOS, infertility, gut issues, mental health problems via virtual medium only.

The startup has demonstrated promising clinical outcomes for patients in early testing phases. As digital health picks up speed, Kapeefit aims to spearhead India’s preventive healthcare revolution, fueled by the power of its own ancient wellness wisdom. 

Why India Needs Preventive Healthcare Models Rooted in Ayurvedic Values 

“Shifting focus to prevention rather than symptomatic cure is crucial to win the battle against lifestyle epidemics in India. Re-looking at our cultural health sciences like Yoga and Ayurveda, the foundations can be found for more sustainable wellness solutions,” feels Agarwal.

Increased life expectancy and urbanized living have escalated NCD prevalence in India drastically. 1 in 4 Indians is diagnosed with conditions like diabetes or hypertension currently, reveals latest National Family Health Survey analysis. 

Doctors point to lifestyle reform as the key to reverse this tide. “Patients showing early stage abnormalities during routine screenings are counselled on preventive strategies including diet change, stress management and traditional therapies. But sustaining motivation for self-care amid busy schedules is challenging,” highlights Dr. Sanskrit Ranjan, Physician, Medihealth Hospital, Noida.

Catering to this gap for continued coaching, Kapeefit steps in with online Ayurveda protocols designed for gradual adoption amid urban constraints through personalized tracking.

How Online Ayurveda Consultations Deepen Personalization for Patients 

Transitioning classical wellness knowledge like Ayurveda into contemporary medical practice has seen hurdles. Challenges include –

  1. Inadequate personalization – Ayurveda lays profound emphasis on analyzing one’s unique psycho physiological constitution or Prakrit for curating compatible cures. But busy clinics rarely account for leading holistic lifestyles factors influencing health before suggesting therapies.
  2. Patchy Compliance – Periodic health coaching is pivotal for motivating healthier habits long-term after initial prescription. But accessibility constraints for follow-ups due to location, availability, mobility issues affects continuity of Ayurvedic treatments unlike popping pills.
  3. Suboptimal safety – Integrity around Ayurvedic pharma regulations and raw material sourcing remains concerning. Metallic toxicity risks also emerge during prolonged herbal usage sans expert vigilance.

Virtually connecting patients seeking safer healing alternatives with certified Ayurvedic practitioners through bespoke clinic management software is helping Kapeefit overcome the delivery challenges elaborated.

How Kapeefit Medical System Operates End-to End Digitally

Prakrit Profiling: The process initiates with an online questionnaire assessing 200+ health parameters needed to determine core mind-body constitution plus current vitals. This quantifies VPK dominant traits, disease risks and temperamental nature. 

Consultation Module: Based on Prakrit decode, Ayurvedic doctors prescribe herbs/formulation doses, ahara-routines, detox plans, exercise frequency, etc. via virtual interface to rebalance aggravated doshas guiding patients throughout their healing.

User App: Custom wellness routines for conditions like PCOS, acidity, arthritis get saved on user app. Inbuilt trackers help monitor vitals, symptoms regularly. Patients receive app notifications for taking Ayurvedic supplements, yoga sessions, maintaining compliance. 

Formulation Delivery: Kapeefit pharmacists dispatch medicines/ propriety formulas in basis of doctor recommended doses at desired frequencies, seamlessly integrating prescription with delivery. 

The entire process right from online assessments to the medicines reaching one’s doorstep happens digitally in the Kapeefit model, aiding easy adoption for today’s mobile first patients. 

Kapeefit Experts adds, “This ingenious virtual approach amplifies the scope for preventive interventions through Ayurveda tremendously by enabling easy access to quality assessment and therapies from the comfort of homes.”

Delivering Differentiated Ayurvedic Therapies Across Specialties 

Kapeefit online consultation platform allows personalization of treatment plans across 20+ sub-specialties:

  • Neurology – Stroke, insomnia, migraine, neuropathy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy
  • Dermatology – Acne, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, hair fall
  • Gynecology – Menstrual issues, infertility, PCOD/PCOS, peri/menopause
  • Andrology – Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm count
  • Gastroenterology – Ulcerative colitis, IBS, liver disorders, constipation
  • Respiratory – Allergy, asthma, bronchitis, recurrent cold/cough
  • Musculoskeletal – Arthritis, spondylitis, osteoporosis, sciatica
  • Endocrinology – Diabetes, thyroid disorders, metabolic syndrome
  • Pediatrics – Bed wetting, ADHD/ASD, stammering, delayed growth
  • Psychology – Anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, addiction
  • Nephrology – CKD, renal calculi, recurrent UTI
  • Cardiology – Hypertension, arrhythmia, hypercholesterolemia
  • Oncology – Integrative healing support during chemotherapy

Ayurvedic Treatment Personalization Basis Constitution and Stage

Diagnostic accuracy forms the basis of effective Ayurvedic cure. Hence, each individual undergoes Prakruti assessment first on Kapeefit app to determine ratio of Vata, Pitta and Kapha influences plus detect presence of underlying tissue toxins or Dhatu impurities (aama) through detailed questioning.

This constitution capture combined with pathological investigation reports allows precise diagnosis of current health state say – Vata Prakruti but showing Pitta/Kapha aggravation because of unhealthy regimen. Custom cures can then rebalance excessive dosha starting with the deepest level of pathology while protecting inherent Prakruti.

For example – Late stage Type 2 Diabetes may necessitate insulin plus ayurvedic combination lowering sugar actively, whereas early stage clients try single herbs like Gurmar for low dose effects along with diet change.

The optimally balanced VPK state signifies perfect health as per classics. Kapeefit treatment modules thus align to not just control vitiated doshas, but also nourish deficient ones for restoring wholeness gently.

Unique Benefits Availed by Users of Kapeefit’s Online Ayurveda Clinics 

Kapeefit app offers patients a reliable gateway into evidence-based Ayurvedic healing through their digital-first model:

Verified Ayurvedic Doctors:

Users connect with M.D/D. Ayurveda certified practitioners verified by company’s rigoristic selection process assessing qualification, training and years of Ayurveda practice. This assures safety plus competence.

 Prescribe effective Ayurvedic formulas, therapies, doses customized for each person’s medical history and tolerances. Pharmacovigilance protocols ensure further safety.

On Demand Health Coaching:

Kapeefit health coaches act as partners in preventive care through unlimited messaging access for meditation routines, lifestyle change, nutrition guidance or supplement usage resolving user doubts 24x7bolstering adherence.

Proactive nudges via auto-reminders and progress trackers help sustain motivation levels, unlike DIY model apps.

Rigorously Sourced Medicines & Supplements:

Tablets, proprietary formulations and Ayurvedic botanical extracts prescribed get stringently verified for authenticity and purity before shipping. This maintains integrity compared to dubious quality products sold online currently cluttering the Ayurvedic market.

100% plant-based supplements made using certified organic and ethically wild-harvested herbs clinically trialed for metabolic disorders like diabetes, PCOS, gut issues, assuring safety plus efficacy.

Data-backed Personalization:

200+ point Prakrit assessment data determines core mind body health trajectories like disease risks, temperamental patterns and compatible foods to heal. Continual inputs through health vitals and symptoms tracked digitally allows precise tuning of food-herb doses, maximizing targeted results.

Reviving Ayurveda in the Modern Era

As growing research validates Ayurveda’s preventive paradigms for lifestyle afflictions, acceptance for the holistic system is rising globally. However, delivery challenges have hampered its mainstream integration so far.

Kapeefit is attempting to change the status quo through sensible digitization focused on making Ayurveda’s essence more comprehensible and accessible without compromising on authenticity.

Elaborates Agarwal, “Though we imbibe technology as medium, healing effectiveness stems from the profound intelligence of Ayurvedic wisdom revealed distinctly to each seeker by reading their nature accurately. We just simplify adoption.” 

Backed by acclaimed institutional partners like CSIR for pharmacology R&D plus IIT for process automation, Kapeefit aims to serve lakhs more patients by synergizing ancient wellness sciences with data-based delivery reviving Ayurveda in the modern era!

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