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Ankur Maternity Home & Clinic – Engraving a Niche in Women Healthcare: Dr. Mohil Patel

Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Ankur Maternity Home & Clinic has completed 5 glorious years of excellence in Women’s Healthcare. We take this opportunity to thank all our patients, their relatives, and our well-wishers, without whose support and encouragement, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this milestone. Ankur Maternity Home & Clinic has been operating since July 7, 2017, from a posh and green locality of Nava Naroda Ahmedabad.

Ankur Maternity Home & Clinic has 3D/4D Sonography Volusion series ultrasound. There is a well-equipped labor room attached to the major and minor operation theater for any emergency surgery (e.g. Caesarean section). There are 11 beds in the OBG ward for antenatal and Gynec patients. A well equipped minor OT is attached to the outpatient department

Ankur Maternity Home & Clinic has played a major role in saving thousands of critically ill women and has emerged as one of the best women’s hospital in the country. Ankur Maternity Home & Clinic has aimed to provide high standards of care for the mother, women, fetus, newborn so that none of them is deprived of a tertiary care facility. The hospital’s clinical staffs include a strong team of highly qualified and experienced laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Mohil Patel, a dynamic team of residents and fellows, well-trained nurses, and paramedical personnel. The measure of our success is in the number of smiling faces. Filling your life with the pinkest of health is our dream. As a Women’s Hospital, Ankur Maternity Home & Clinic has strived to send you home in perfect health as a colorful life welcomes you back.

Our Mission is to be the first post of call for comprehensive health care for women across Ahmedabad Gujarat. To be the health care for women. At Ankur Maternity Home & Clinic we believe tomorrow’s medicine requires an investment in innovation today.

Our Vision is to provide a comprehensive high-quality state of the world in the entire gamut of gynaecology, embryology infertility, and laparoscopic.

  • To provide high-quality paediatrics services to women and state-of-the-art healthcare.
  • To lead in excellent holistic and compassionate care for women.

Emphasizing come fast and community, they will engage entire families in the healing processes, in patient-centric private rooms. Field with natural light and a homely feeling atmosphere, Ankur Maternity Home & Clinic will set a new benchmark for thirty-first-century health care for women.

Dr. Mohil Patel’s future plan includes working towards building more affordable quality healthcare, which is easily accessible to all.

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